WE ARE TREVOR AND SARAH; a Vancouver based husband and wife creative DUO. NATURE-INSPIRED AND WILD AT HEART, WE ARE WOVEN.  

We appreciate how exciting (AND OVERWHELMING!) planning YOUR wedding DAY can be. our goal is to weave all of the elements of your wedding day together FOR YOU, leaving you to enjoy one of the most memorable, hilarious, emotional and down right awesome days of your life!

Trust us, we HAve been there!

Photography Courtesy of Wild Hearts Collective








MEET SARAH - Principal Planner 

SARAH is a soulful musician at heart - a singer, drummer and strummer. She has a deep love of the land and everything that roams in it.

With a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development, Sarah kick-started her career in Northern Ireland as a Project and Events Manager for a not-profit focused on nature conservation and sustainable tourism. This led to a further 8+ years of experience managing projects and planning events internationally. Since moving to Vancouver in 2013, Sarah has been involved in assisting and planning weddings of all sizes and styles. Sarah is goal-oriented, dedicated, a natural problem solver, and is passionate about delivering weddings that are sustainable and wild at heart.


I am Earth.


MEET TREVOR - Creative Lead / Co-Planner

Trevor is a free spirited man of the people with a touch of fire within. he is an artist, primarily a painter with a background working in film and television. This, combined with his creative eye and passion for style, allows him to bring something special to any event.

With 10+ years experience as an Assistant Location Manager for Film & TV in Northern Ireland and the UK, Trevor has learned the value of multi-tasking, problem solving on the spot and maintaining your cool. Since moving to Vancouver in 2013, Trevor has become a garden designer. His knowledge of plants and creative flare means Trevor leads all floral and artistic decor installations for weddings.

I am Fire.